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We really appreciate all of you who attend meetings regularly, hold Officer postions,help with the Toy Run, the Food Drive, Other Chapter Events and take part in making our Chapter strong and successful. Thank You Very Much!

 From the "Horse's mouth"

If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn't sit for a month.”
~Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919) 26th President of the United States

Wyoming - Coordinator -
(503) 709-7360

" I'm saying this again. Before you ride, check the fluids, tire pressure, lights and etc. When was the last time that you checked your helmet? Do you know that the foam goes soft after awhile? Anyway be sure to do those preride checks everytime you ride."

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Please take the time to fill out the SE Membership Survey. Why are'nt you attending meetings? Why is the total number of Chapter Members continuing to  drop? Why this?, Why that? Fill out the survey and let us know what you think.

It is important to fill out a Stop Report whenever you are stopped by the police. We need to keep track of these incidents and the Stop Report allows us to do that. The Report goes to Sam Hochberg.

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2014 ABATE Toy Run

Win This 2013 FXDB Street Bob

Contact: Jim Niece - (503) 775-2203
or Phil Jones - (503) 723-6013

 Next Toy Run Meeting: Sep. 18- 7pm at the American Legion Post #1
1830 SE 122nd Ave. Portland, OR 97233

>Important Toy Run Info<

Your donations directly benefit the children, who have special needs, at the Shriner's Hospital.

Monetary donations to the ABATE/Shriners Toy Run directly benefit the Shriners Hospital for Children in Portland and are not tax deductible.

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SE Chapter Meetings

3rd Sunday each month
Meeting starts @ 12 o'clock noon

M & M Restaurant & Lounge
137 N. Main Street
, Or. 97030

Next Meeting: Sep. 21, 2014
Only 1 meeting per month now, the 3rd Sunday at 12 Noon.

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Other Chapter Meetings

A.B.A.T.E. of Oregon, Inc. promotes
motorcycle awareness,
education, safety and liberty
through community involvement
and legislative action.

State Board Meeting

Next Meeting: Sep. 13, 2014
Meeting starts at Noon

Meeting to be held at :
Ciddici"s Pizza
133 SE 5th Ave.
Albany, OR 97231

Upcoming Events

Events at Latus Motors HD
Latus HD Bike Night at Duke's Country Bar & Grill - Every Thursday at 5pm.

Events at Columbia HD

Events at Oak Grove Choppers

Sep. 13 - Loco Fall Poker Run -Starts at Colvins Pub -Meet up at 9am KSU at 10am

Sep. 13 - Westside Poker Run - Starts at the Gator's Pub. Sign in starts at 9am.

Sep. 14 - Latus HD Hogs for Dogs - Meet up at 9am KSU at 10am

Sep. 17 - BikePAC Call to Action - Meet up in the Rotunda at the Salem Capitol at 9am

Sep. 21 - Latus HD Detroit Lake Ride - Meet up at 9am KSU at 10am

Sep. 28 - SE Family Picnic - 12 Noon to 5pm at Eagle Fern Park


Alcohol and motorcycles don't mix.


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